Ich bin nun der Forderung der Kanzlei nachgekommen und habe das Video fristgerecht aus YouTube entfernt.

Sowohl die deutsche Fassung: vorher zu finden hier als auch die mit englischen Untertiteln ist nun nicht mehr verfügbar.

Somit habe ich jegliche meiner Versionen aus Youtube entfernt.


New Video released: i ly

11. März 2009

I released the new video on my website: I ly. „I ly“ is danish. It means „into the shelter“. The beautiful music comes from Keine Kennen Keine from Denmark once more, who generously allowed me to put the video together with the music online.
You have various options to look at it on this site.
You can download the mov file.
Watch it on Youtube or on Vimeo.

It’s my first work which consists mostly of real footage. I got my first Videocamera last summer and some of my future work will definitely be influenced by that. I have a lot of unfinished work on my shelf at the moment, which will all be finished soon.

New version

17. Oktober 2007

I just loaded up a new version of my website.

I replaced the small streamable versions with bigger ones which are now downloadable as well.

I added a YouTube link to each video as well.