Du bist Terrorist

15. Mai 2009

My new Video is done and released.

Visit: www.DubistTerrorist.de to stream or download the video.
On that page you can also find some more information about the video and about the political situation in Germany that inspired and motivated me to create my first political shortfilm.

www.DubistTerrorist.de for the german version or
www.DubistTerrorist.de/en for the english version.

An excerpt from the english site:

„„You are a Terrorist“ is a persiflage of two official german Social-Marketing-Campaigns. While „Du bist Deutschland“ (You are Germany) was promoting the national consciousness and a child-friendly germany, „You are a Terrorist“ is the answer to todays politics in Germany.

All Citizens are under general suspicion. Germany becomes a prevential surveillance society.

By visualizing the already passed and future laws, it shows how the Germany of the present and the very near future does look like.“