Mein neues Video ist nun endlich fertig!

Mit 5 Minuten ist „RetteDeineFreiheit“ mehr als doppelt so lang. Doch ich habe das Projekt innerhalb von 15 Tagen komplett fertigstellen können.

Noch rechtzeitig 2 Wochen vor der Wahl!

Das Thema ist ein wenig komplexer als bei „Du bist Terrorist“. Deswegen gibt es auf der Seite diesmal auch detaillierte Hintergründe und Belege zu den einzelnen Szenen. Anhand der Bilder soll man sich besser orientieren können als auf der „Du bist Terrorist“ die hauptsächlich aus Text bestand.

Die Projektseite:

Neuigkeiten gibt es wie immer auf und etwas detaillierter auf:


Du bist Terrorist

15. Mai 2009

My new Video is done and released.

Visit: to stream or download the video.
On that page you can also find some more information about the video and about the political situation in Germany that inspired and motivated me to create my first political shortfilm.

Visit for the german version or for the english version.

An excerpt from the english site:

„„You are a Terrorist“ is a persiflage of two official german Social-Marketing-Campaigns. While „Du bist Deutschland“ (You are Germany) was promoting the national consciousness and a child-friendly germany, „You are a Terrorist“ is the answer to todays politics in Germany.

All Citizens are under general suspicion. Germany becomes a prevential surveillance society.

By visualizing the already passed and future laws, it shows how the Germany of the present and the very near future does look like.“

New Video released: i ly

11. März 2009

I released the new video on my website: I ly. „I ly“ is danish. It means „into the shelter“. The beautiful music comes from Keine Kennen Keine from Denmark once more, who generously allowed me to put the video together with the music online.
You have various options to look at it on this site.
You can download the mov file.
Watch it on Youtube or on Vimeo.

It’s my first work which consists mostly of real footage. I got my first Videocamera last summer and some of my future work will definitely be influenced by that. I have a lot of unfinished work on my shelf at the moment, which will all be finished soon.

I am still working on a lot of projects at the moment.
Last week I had a recording session with Beverly Wu. She is an actress from Vancouver and did some excellent voice-overs for two of my projects. I will post more news about these soon.

Colors of Noise is part of the program during the long night of culture in Kaiserslautern.

You can see it in the Union Cinema on Saturday the 21st June at 23 pm.

The Trailer of my upcoming Shortfilm „The Weight of Perfection“ has been screened at the eClips Filmfestival.

It even got honorable mention – which really excites me since it’s just a trailer! 🙂

In the meantime I registered myself
The content of the site is still just a placeholder…

My Shortfilm Project: „THE WEIGHT OF PERFECTION“ is almost done.

There’s a little production diary on cgtalk:

At the moment I’m still struggling to save the shadows that have been cast on the bluescreen:

I will post the trailer for „THE WEIGHT OF PERFECTION“ here on the blog and on my website…soon…