Stabhans Strohkopf Demo

27. März 2007

I just finished the Demo to my first game.

Stabhans Strohkopf!

You can download the demo from my (temporary) minisite
There are only 8 Levels at the moment and there are still some bugs, but it ’s playable and fun!

I will continue to develope the demo and add more features and levels soon!

Have fun!


Gesundheit is one of the best games that I’ve ever played.
The idea and execution (graphics, sound, music, gameplay) is just brilliant.

You should definitely check out the demo which contains 11 playable levels:

I am currently making my own game which is called „Stabhans Strohkopf“. I’ll post some screenshots and the final game soon.

More than one year ago I created a video for Songraphie. I did it for my studies and it was actually looking quite cool. I finished the first version which looked really bad and was a bit boring in the second half. So I decided to rework the second half and spice it up a little – turned out to be a good idea.

The netlabel was kind of impressed by the video and I never released it because we were planning on releasing it together with some remixes or new songs from Songraphie. But that never happened so I think I’m going to release the video as is. Actually it’s online already… and you could find it if you type the right words into google but it’s not on yet. So maybe I’ll put it below Colors of Noise, or between Colors of Noise and G Force.

So in the meantime check out Songraphie Toys still one of my favorite Netlabel releases of all time:

And if you’re on it you should also check out their older stuff on the otium netlabel, but It seems to be offline at moment.

Passage D on Youtube

4. März 2007

Well someone downloaded the Passage D video from my site and loaded it up to youtube without checking if it’s up there already…

Well atleast he seems to be better at tagging it, it’s got 1045 more views than my version 🙂

I’ve just discovered that the good old Colors of Noise was in the the Dailyreel Top Ten some time ago.

I really like the description! Here’s an excerpt:

„Patience, my friend. This animation takes you through the ecosphere (a slightly hyperbolized one, where a pearl can grow branches) on a luscious, hypnotic journey.“

click here to check it out


1. März 2007

Actually the NOISIA video that I’ve announced one post earlier is finished.
But before I release it I wanted to change quite a few bits on it – something I don’t have time for at the moment because of another highly exciting project!

I will keep you updated and post some shots of it soon.
Here’s a screenshot of the video.